Canaan Banana was a Methodist minister, a diplomat who mediated during fighting in Zimbabwe and Liberia, and a former president of Zimbabwe (1980-87).

He spent quite a bit of time in jail in Zimbabwe, on 11 counts of sexual assault on male employees. His victims include a cook, a gardener, and a police officer. Reportedly, his methods of seduction included card games, dancing lessons, and french kissing.

The scandal broke during the 1997 murder trial of Jefta Dube. Dube was Banana’s bodyguard and one of his victims. When, in 1995, a fellow police officer taunted him by calling him "Banana’s wife," Dube snapped and shot the other man. Quick, somebody call Jenny Jones!

Banana fled to South Africa for a time, but returned reportedly hoping for a presidential pardon. His prospects were not good, since Zimbabwe is not exactly progressive when it comes to sexual orientation. Prime Minister Robert Mugabe has called homosexuals "lower than pigs and dogs." Banana died in 2003 while in exile in London, still waiting for that pardon.

But dammit, where did he get a name like that? You know someone named "Canaan Banana" was destined to get into some kind of interesting trouble.