I seem to be doing several "I did that!" nodes recently (see Game Genie), but I must confess that I wrote conversions of Double Dragon for the Amstrad CPC (DD 1 and DD 2), the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga (finished off ST/Amiga DD1 after it was abandoned by another programmer, and wrote ST/Amiga DD2)

Sadly, they were contract jobs, a bit rushed, and none of them were very much fun to play. I was quite pleased with Amiga Double Dragon 2, mainly because it had some slightly flashy techy things in it, and some fantastic music by a musician from the Netherlands, who went by the moniker 'Uncle Tom'. It also had some rock hard copy protection on the disk, which I spent about a week and a half programming, considered to be almost 'uncrackable', and which was duly neatly cracked by somecalled called 'Weetabix' (who said 'Nice Try!' on his intro page. Bastard! ;-) )

I did loads of arcade beat-em-up conversions on 8 and 16 bit computers, but I think the best one I did was Final Fight on the Amiga, which I ran on an emulator recently and was fairly chuffed with.