Well, what a weird dream...

Apparently, it was in some kind of school which vaguely resembled mine, except for the fact that it was on a smallish asteroid which was orbiting some unfamiliar planet. Somehow, a friend of mine had taken the school hostage, along with a girl I know. They also had a clone of some unfamiliar man with them, and all were armed.

Somehow, it was my job, along with a clone of my friend and there and another unfamiliar man, to infiltrate the school and eliminate those who had taken it hostage. Fortunately, everyone else had been evacuated, so it was just us and them in there. I was armed with a sniper rifle, while the others working with me were armed with a shotgun and a pistol. There were a few brief skirmishes between us and them, one of which resulted in my former friend getting shot in the leg.

However, it all ended when the clone helping me was able to drive them into the cafeteria, and while he was distracting them I was to use my sniper rifle to finish them. Though it pained me to do it, I knew it had to be done, and I got a good shot on my former friend in the back, and took him down. The girl who was with him took off running when she heard it, and I got her in shoulder; not enough to hurt her badly, but enough to keep her from running while we arrested her.

However, just as I finished doing that, the clone who had been working with them rounded the corner on me, and shot me point blank in the chest. With my last ounce of strength, as I was falling down, I managed to get off one shot at him, and finish him off.

I awoke before I hit the floor. Maybe I should start getting to sleep a little earlier.