I am very unhappy.

Today started off really well. I woke up slightly later than I wanted to, but I suppose the extra hour and a half of sleep was what my body needed. As soon as I woke, I called my friend Joey, and we talked about the business we plan to start when we are done with college. After getting off the telephone with Joey, I spent about an hour and a half revising a paper for my Economics of Technological Change class. I am pleased with the paper.

After taking care of that, I decided it was a good idea to shower, for I had every intention of going outside of my house today - it is Saturday, after all. So, I shower, dress, and go through the morning routine. By now it was a little after ten AM. No problem. I crack open my Differential Equations book and take care of my problem set for this week. Great. Easy enough, and it was just a bit after noon when I finished.

At this point, I had one thing left: work on my Data Structures assignment. I had no intentions of finishing it, but wanted to get as much done as I could. It is due on Wednesday, and I don't want to save it for the last minute.

I developed the GUI for the program very quickly; however, the remainder of the program is still escaping me. I emailed a friend from the intro class I had taken during the summer to ask for help, but I have not gotten a reply yet. Not a big deal, really. I have all day tomorrow to work on it.

I am, however, at this very moment, entirely miserable. My entire being aches with wanton pain. My good friend said she was coming over today. She told me that she would come down after the wedding she was attending, which began at 2PM from what I recall. She hasn't arrived, and I am rather despondent about that. I was going to ask her if she felt like going to see a film, and getting dinner. It's almost 8PM, so either one or the other, or both, is/are out unless she gets here post haste.

The really upsetting thing is, if I would have know I was not going to be doing anything great this weekend (yes, going out with her is great) then I would have likely gone home (home, as in not at college for the weekend) last night, where I could have enjoyed this year's remaining mild days in my beautiful yard. Or, even if I decided to stay, I would have planned today very differently. I don't like sitting around, waiting for something that isn't going to happen. For all I know, she could be held up somewhere where she can't contact me, but I doubt it. It's all too likely that today is just another shining example of why I generally don't maintain very many friends.

I am very, very unhappy.