... what the fuck ...

I just don't understand some people.

She says I don't spend enough time with her (which, as of late is understandable) - no problem. I can adjust my schedule, and, I have.

The kicker is, she says she wants me to spend time with her, and her friends! Really, why would I want to go out on a limb, sacrificing time I could otherwise be spending with her entirely, to meet and greet her friends! I simply don't want to, and nor do I have the time! At any rate, I told her exactly this, and she was quite upset. It was the first time we had a "big" disagreement. I felt awful about it last night and all through today. So, I decided I would get home (class from 2-5:20ish today) and call her, and invite her to dinner.

This made my stomach turn:

First, let's get something straight. I usually don't care about new movies (with the exception of Star Wars, etc...) but I have been talking about seeing "The Ring" with her for the past few days (maybe longer) and raving about it for some time now. She knows I want to see it.

She scores two premiere tickets for a showing tonight. She makes a (weak) effort to get ahold of me. She messaged me, and called (though left no message) around 4PM (she told me the time just a while ago). I get home at 5:45 ish on Wednesday. I can't say she knows this, because she has some type of memory issue, and generally does not remember details like that.

Anyway - the thing is, she would usually just wait until she got ahold of me. But, no, of course, she does the typical thing, and I presume it is to spite me (even if she is doing it unconciously). She, after making that horribly insufficient to contact me, invites her friend, Erika, perhaps minutes after she fails to get in touch with me the first time.

And to think I was going to ask her out to dinner tonight.

I hope the movie is horrible.

Update: please see October 18, 2002 after reading this writeup. Thank you.