...another lonely park another Sunday...

First, before the "real" daylog starts, I would like to say that, yes, I ate one of the mushrooms that people should stay away from. It was completely bug-free, and had the little ring around it that signifies death or some sort of brain damage if eaten. Never again will I eat a wild mushroom unless I am faced with no other choice.


Today, my step-nephew Sebastian was baptized. He is adorable! During the service, Sebastian's brother Alex was being quite the show off. He was running in circles inside the church throughout the ceremony, and at one point even decided he was the priest, and climbed up on the chair. It was a sight. I don't think his father was too happy with him though.

Today, I sit in my room and edit my Econ paper, and maybe work on my Thevenin circuits assignment. I really don't like my circuits class. I just ordered 4 supplementary books, because the textbook "Introduction to Electric Circuits" by Dorf and Svoboda, is, quite frankly, a heap of shit.



At any rate, today I am alone, in my room, doing various schoolwork. I managed to get my Differential Equations homework done during the reception after the baptismal ceremony. I really do enjoy being alone - it is quiet, and I can usually think better. But, at times, I really enjoy good company.