It was around 8 o'clock on the 21st of July when she messaged me on AIM. She said that she could come over after all, despite the company she was having at 11PM. I was elated. Earlier in the day she had told me that she might not be able to make it, and that put a damper on the day - she's all I have been able to think about since I met her.

And especially since I kissed her.

So, she said she would eat dinner, and call me when she was passing by the CVS. Great! I was thrilled.

Around 9PM she got online with another one of her screen names on AIM. She forgot my phone number! She couldn't call me to let me to have me come sign her into the building if she didn't know my phone number. Makes sense, right? Well, anyway, she was in my lobby at a kiosk, so I just slipped my shoes on and went to admit her.

She came up, we talked, we sipped on some of the champagne, and spent most of the time in eachother's arms. Another night to remember.