I was discussing with my flatmate the name for my new, yet nonexistant band. I wanted to call it The band of rubbers, which would make it a rubber band. Ha ha. We had a good laugh. And then I thought of calling it The Band Of "I am a Rubber"s, which would make it an I am a rubber band. Again, laughs galore. But. "The band of rubbers" sounds like what I'm saying is "The band of Condoms." There goes that name.

When I was young, rubber meant eraser. Today, rubber means condom. If I'm sitting in class and I ask someone to pass me a rubber, there will be much murmuring and what not.

Cock. I get up when my cock crows.

Pussy. I gave my pussy a bath and now it's all wet.

Buns. Hold my buns for a second, I have to adjust my baguette.

All valid sentences 15 years ago. Today, you're a pervert.

December 17, 2001 update

I was browsing E2, and came upon TheLady's Cheap Homemade Facials, which includes Exfoliating Facials and Nourishing Facials. Nope, we can't say facial anymore either!