I live in a rented apartment with a flatmate, who is also my best friend. We are not ashamed of each other, and thus have no problem walking around each other naked. This most often happens after showers or when we wake up in the morning.

Tonight it was too hot to sleep with any clothes on (as usual), and so I slept naked. I woke up quite groggy, at around 7:30. This was not my final waking up; I was going to go back to sleep as soon as I got a drink of water from the kitchen. So , not thinking anything was amiss, I went to to kitchen to get a glass of water. As I was crossing the living room I heard a "Hmm hmm" from my flatmate.

I turned and saw him sitting there. Unfortunately, also sitting there were (from left to right): his mother, his mother's boyfriend and his sister. I smiled, said "hi", covered myself up, and went to put on some shorts.

As I re-went to the kitchen, his mother tried to comfort me by saying "Don't worry, I didn't see anything I hadn't seen before."