I am entering this under the self-defense node because at the moment that it even worked is what is most interesting to me.

Last night I was the victim/survivor of attempted rape.

20 years ago my Mom made my sister and I take a basic women's self-defense course. I have never had cause to use any of it and truly thought I never would. It all seemed kind of ridiculous to me....Then:

Last night. I agree to go back to an acquaintance's house to look at an antique chess set he had for sale. How this was taken as an invitation for sex I have no idea, but this 6 foot 4, 220lb man took it as just that.

I told him, "No." I told him I REALLY meant it: NO.NO.NO! The bastard wouldn't stop. I was struggling and he was hurting me and from far away I could hear that kind of ridiculous self-defense class lady in my head:

"He is bigger. He is stronger. He has his hands on you. STOP FIGHTING. Breathe. Get control of yourself."

So I did. I relaxed. I went limp. "Thats it...Good girl" he grunted and pushed my skirt up as he climbed up my body, his jeans already unbuttoned. I tried to remember to breathe. I listened in my head to the self-defense lady. I tried to be patient with my fury.

When I ceased to struggle with him he let go of me. His mistake. When I reached down between us, between his legs, he actually groaned in pleasure. Then I wrapped my hand around his scrotum and, just like the lady said, pictured ripping it off his body and PULLED. And TWISTED. HARD.

He screeched, "You F*)&king bitch!" and went into reverse so quickly I lost my grip. I tried to scoot up and away. He grabbed me by the thigh. I have big finger shaped bruises there. They don't hurt yet. I don't really feel anything yet, really, physically or otherwise.

My self-defense lady was still with me. She was intense and calm and brave, giving me instructions. She MEANT it. He was now furious and looked like he would kill me if he could. He was pulling himself back up my body, his fingers dug into my thigh. I cocked my left leg. I pictured it: Drive the foot THROUGH his face...Slam his nose out the back of his HEAD...."

I did. There was a surprisingly soft crunchy noise but I just thought of putting the edge of my foot through the back of his head and followed through with my kick. And suddenly he was howling and then gone.

And I got the hell out of there.

I called the police when I got home. They went to see him. Arrested him. A lady detective made a point of letting me know I broke his nose. "Good job" she said.

Thank you self-defense class lady. Thank you.