For those of you who are interested in independent film making, I just saw a screener for a new movie in La Crosse, WI called Midian. It was the first motion picture from the midwest and it was really good! You'd expect some kind of hillbilly tarantino rip-off, but it wasn't. I heard it cost them 250k to make and they used all local talent.

The director is Reuben James Steindorf, a La Crosse native. He wrote the script, directed and produced it. They plan to get it out to 154 film festivals in 2006, so most likely, it will be in your town soon enough. There is a guy named Igor who is the world's 2nd tallest man, and he is carrying around these rocket launchers on his arms, literally knocking attack helicopters out of the sky. Pretty intense.

Midian is quickly getting national attention and I hear the director is keeping the final version for only private showing up until the end of January where he is gonna release it in the local theatres again. After all, they sold out all of the shows the last time. Is Mr. Steindorf box office gold? We'll see soon.

Here's a couple links I found on the Movie: