I am standing in an unfamiliar place gazing upon a huge map of the world which is divided into regions of popular religions. Most of North America, mainly the United States, is shown as Protestant or other sects of Christianity - as expected - and I even notice a little orange blurb next to the Great Salt Lake that is realized as THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS after referring to the legend. As I continue onto other parts of the world however, I notice something very strange: Approximately 2/3 of the land mass outside of the United States is listed as "Steelers!" All of Latin America, half of South America, and 2/3 of Africa are listed simply as "Steelers!" The seems odd considering that I'm looking at a map depicting Religions, but in my dream state it made sense to me. I wake up and it's Sunday, the day of our lord, Game Day.