I found this completely disturbing... I was out shopping for kitchen utinsils, picking up plastic forks, a frying pan, and wooden spoons; I didn't just put one of each of these in my basket either... I had six medium frying pans, seven boxes of blue plastic forks, and thirty five wooden spoons.

Then the next thing I know I'm in a different store with my mom and cousin only my cousin is my sister and my mom is calling her honey and we are winter coat shopping. My "sister" is all ready to buy her coat and my mom is yelling at me to hurry up and pick one out and when I do she screams at me because I picked out the wrong one. So I start to cry, bawling in fact as I go back to the slim selection of coats and pick out a different one in hopes that it meets my mother's specifications and she snarls at me and grabs it from me.

Yeah, that was my dream... I woke up and was like what the hell what that about?

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