I would like to make a few comments on Buchenwald.

If anything sticks in my mind from my experience in Germany it would be this concentration camp.

Why you ask? Because the imagery that came to my mind during my two excursions to this place were horrific. My only ideas of these concentration camps was what I had learnt in modern history class. Due to its nature, class talk isn't very stimulating of the mind! Therefore, once I arrived and actually imagined the state of how this place would be during it's "Heyday" was profound.

I would recommend a visit to this place for anyone who manages to travel to Weimar whilst in Germany. The reason is that it can strip you of your preconcepts of Germany and the War.

I will end this note with an image that sticks in my mind the most. We did a tour of the building where the prisoners were exterminated. Underground there was a room which contained a chute and meat hooks. This was where dead prisoners were thrown before being placed in the furnace. They were hung on meat hooks. I couldn't imagine the inhumanity of this place. Nothing at all recognised the fact that these were HUMAN BEINGS. It is totally unimaginable. No wonder it has captured the minds of people throughout history since they came to know of these camps. The strange thing is that events like this have happened before and since this time. Russia played host to it, so did Cambodia. And then came the Balkan states. It can only be concluded that these actions are the conclusion of desperate people wishing to cling to their idealistic view of "their" country.

Hopefully at some stage I can add to this post.