Weee, the 4th of july.

Too bad this city has an extremely enforced law about fireworks. So, the only fireworks we could see were down at the colleges, which was OK by me. Parents went out and about to downtown to see what there was to see. Apparently half of claremont was down there. My girlfriend came over, which surprised me, as normally both of our parents are vehemently opposed to us being home alone at the others house. Fine by me. We hung out, ate lunch, etc. Mom called, commented on how long it took me to answer, so i told her we were outback having lunch, which is what we were doing. So hrmph.Then when she was through telling me how we were missing all the fun, and had said bye, i said "Ok, bye mom, we'll go back to having sex now", listened for the begining of her response, hung up, and went out back to finish my sandwhich.

Later that day...

Ok, down at the football field to watch the fireworks. I got stuck pulling the little red wagon. But my dad had put huge tires on it, so it was NBD. We staked our claim, and held fast. Land goes quickly. Then we went and got food. Burgers were pretty good, i think it was Lions Club who was cooking them. Went back for a Dove milk chocolate ice cream bar. The kind thats on a stick. Parents got a Snickers ice cream bar. icky :) So we hung out there for awhile until the fireworks were nearing starting. Then we layed down, and got cozy under a couple blankets. Once it started getting warm under the blanket it was nice. I felt all cuddly. And her warm hand (she had 2 blankets to my one thin one :) on mine felt really good. So we watched the fireworks, then sat there looking at each other.

Then we dropped her off. It was a fun day. :-)