As a native of Russia(I have hence moved to the United States as a Jewish refugee), I was brought up from early childhood by oppressed parents who, because of the times, were forced to indoctrinate Communist pledges and greetings into their everyday speech. See if you can see where this all fits into the following.

To the song!

The story of Genui (pronounced gey-nah), the African Crocodile, is approaching its 50th year in production. He is a gentle, melancholy crocodile... yet he will pounce with anger on any 'Naxal'(bastard) that dares get into his way. Although he is sometimes shy, Genui was once a member of a famous theatre troupe. He can sing in a deep baritone and is excellent at the bagpipes.

This is how our friend Genui met 'Cheburashka', the main character of the stories (a turtle): One day, lonely as usual, the crocodile Genui decided to change his life and posted a huge sign proclaiming his desire for friends throughout the city. After meeting some kind-hearted people who were also searching for real companions, he built the House of Friends and anyone who ever wanted a friend could stop by there and not have to worry about anything.

I did not make ANY of this up, I researched this and used this website (I sincerely hope you can all read Russian) along with an actual manuscript of 'Cheburashka'.