Yesterday, I went to the book store after work, because I didn't want to go home just yet. I wandered into the history section, which is always an good place to find hilarious reading material because communism relies on false propaganda to whip the masses to adhere to the Party line. Remember, Marx said no revolution is possible until everyone in the country is a loyal socialist. Unfortunately, that meant they killed all the people who questioned them. Ah, Marxism at its best.

Anyways, I flipped to the Korean War section (still sometimes called the "War of Imperialist Aggression" here). Bear in mind this was all before the great corruption of Marxism-Leninism into Maoism in China. That started in the mid-1950's, at this time they were still idealistic Marxists, who really believed that communism could work if everyone participated in the revolution. Here is the translation of the text:

The imperialist running dogs, helped by the Americans and led by the traitor Syngman Rhee, after launching several guerilla attacks upon the peace-loving (sic) North Koreans, launched an attack on the 38th Parallel. The great Marxist Kim Il Sung responded in kind, smashing the rightist attack and pushing the imperialist forces back to Pusan before the cowardly Americans finally joined the battle. It was our duty to help our fraternal socialist brothers in Korea. When the Americans crossed the Yalu River into China, our Red Army forces crossed into Korea. Together, we beat the aggressionists back to the 38th parallel and held them there until an armistice halted the just war against imperialism.

I can't believe this book was still in circulation! Children in China, North Korea and the former USSR grew up believing these lies. Just like they believed in the big lie itself, the Marxist concept. The revisionist movement in formerly communist countries is a loose group of scholars dedicated to weeding out the lies of their predecessors.

Capitalism can exist with dissent. Marxism cannot. I laugh every time I read a Marxist text blending democracy with its dogma.

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