I didn't sleep through anything today, and I didn't even use my alarm clock. I rule.

Went to the store and got what I would eat for lunch. Basically easy mac and hawiian punch, just by different names. There is no point in buying name brand anything... it's all the same thing.

Went to work and dealt with whiney customers, as per the usual. A couple bonuses were that I got my laptop 20 minutes after I walked in the door, that rocked. Oh, and I found out a co-worker who also went to high school with one of my best friends, is also Pagan. Very cool cause now I have someone to talk to that I haven't scared away quite yet.

Came home, realized that I don't have a cat5 cable for my new laptop, "the little guy" and walked up the street to mooch one off of zot-fot-piq. This makes two cables that I owe him. I need to take care of that, stat. As well as a few other things relating to zot. Oh, and I watched the history channel with sane guy tonight for a bit. As always, his presence is very educational.

Walked back down the street to my house and have been on everything ever since while being told that there are pictures of me at Saturday''s party. I'm scared.

I was supposed to study.. But then again, I'm supposed to go to class too. Whatever.