Scarier than these robotic singing fish themselves is the list of people who own them. While one might think that the only place these things would be at home is on the wall of a double-wide trailer, this is, sadly, not the case. Inexplicably, they seem to be as popular with world leaders as they are with guys who think "Dogs Playing Poker" is the acme of western art. The list includes not only the obvious (U.S. President George W. Bush), but former U.S. President Bill Clinton, British P.M. Tony Blair, and even H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. A spokesperson has confirmed that the singing fish does indeed adorn the walls of Buckingham Palace. Spokespeople for Tony Blair have also confirmed that he owns one, and the blasted thing was actually spotted hanging on a wall behind Dubya during one of his election campaign press conferences.

This info was gleaned from a CNN article which could be found at when this was submitted.