Did you miss me? It's been six months since my last daylog...this is my fourth, and what a time it's been! If you want to know about my life so far, check out my birthday, me at six months, and me turning one. Actually, Mom just read me my last daylog, and I can't believe how much I've changed since then!

The biggest thing is that I can walk. Indeed, I rarely crawl at all, even when I'm going under tables. I'd rather bump my head (and I do). I can feed myself with a spoon or fork, though I still prefer fingers. And I'm just starting to get into this talking thing.

Talking...I had no idea all the noises everyone around me actually MEANT things! I've been making noises for months now, trying to get in on the game. Mom and Dad would always repeat what I was saying, but then go back to their own mouth noises. But now I'm beginning to understand that it's a bigger game than I ever dreamed of!

I can ask for my favourite foods, like nana and peas. I can ask for more of something, particularly dooce. I even comment when it's coh-cah. I call every big animal a doddie, I ask for my baa by name, and I go vroom-vroom when I drive a car (toy or real). I can ask to get up or down from things, talk to Mama and Dada, and say uh-oh when things fall down. I'm adept at saying "Bye", and giving a little wave as I do so. I'd say I have about 20 or 30 words...if I could count.

I still give great hugs (and say "Awwww" and pat your back as I do so). I like to dance in circles to music from my toy mobile phone, and play peekaboo either with my hands or a blanket over my head. This week, I'm running footraces, saying "deddy...GO" and running across the room. When I get tired from all this activity, I like to rest and watch the Teletubbies and Bobbah

Speaking of which, I hear the windmill going now. It's been fun, but I have to go. BIG HUG! (Awwww).

Bye! (waves)