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A mix of original contributions, highlights, and a themed curation of writeups from Everything2.
Back issues are kept in the category aptly named E2 Magazine Back Issues.

The inaugural issue! May 2014

E2 Magazine is an experimental project designed to pick out some of the best nuggets from the incredible body of work hosted here, and include some context or commentary outside of the usual functions of linking and voting. There's an old saying that one never crosses the same river twice; and the sentiment applies here, too. One never surfs the same nodegel twice, and each user has taken a different path through the looping and self-circling paths of links and connections.

Some of the selections made in each issue are, or will be, user suggested; others are curated by the editorial staff. Non-inclusion should not be seen as a slight. Indeed, the nodegel is vast, and humans are prone to fatigue and blunder.

This issue's theme is the nebulous concept of Springtime. Links to featured nodes and writeups will be displayed strongly; users will be linked normally.

This issue's sections:

The Homestead: Spring comes with spring cleaning, with planting, and with the first cookouts and picnics of the year.

Festival, Faith, and Fury: Most of the time you can't talk about a season without tripping over holidays. This section explores some of them, and features a bonus editorial on the topic of spring festivities.

Stories and Stories: Let's be honest, this is what we all came here for. Some of the best writing on E2 is the assortment of memoirs, anecdotes, and big ol' whopping lies.

Thanks for reading! Let us know what you think!

Have a suggestion for the upcoming theme? Perhaps a favorite writeup from somewhere deep in the nodegel that you think fits? Send any comments or thoughts you might have on your submissions, to E2 Magazine.