Among other things, Wonderland is the name of a large chain of English-language institutes, or hogwons in South Korea. There are 62 Wonderland franchises throughout Korea, with at least one in every major city, two in Gwangju (I teach at one of those), and a plethora of them in Seoul. They teach children from about age 2 up to high school students. Their slogan is "Everyone smiles in Wonderland."

The primary rival of Wonderland is ECC, another large chain. Wonderland schools have an edge on them and other hogwons in that it has a higher ratio of foreign teachers to Korean teachers and that its classrooms all have themes (such as Jurassic Park and airport) that appeal to younger students. They also have special storytelling classes, and their regular classes have what are called "Club Acts" about once a week, when the teacher can teach something outside of the regular curriculum, usually pertaining to the room's theme.

The contract varies from franchise to franchise, but foreign teachers at Wonderland generally get paid more than they would at ECC or other hogwons(although not as much as they would at a university). Like most language institutes in Korea, Wonderland pays for its foreign teachers' accomodations, in addition to paying them a monthly salary. Some teachers complain about the presence of webcams in the classrooms, which allow parents to spy on their children (and the teachers), but I am told that this is standard practice in Korea.