The pick-up lines in the above writeup are mostly correct, but the Romanization is not so correct. Also, the levels of formality are mixed, so I switched them all to the lowest form. According the the standard Romanization of Hangul, they should be (in the same order as above):

Note: The "eo" is a single sound, halfway between e and o, kind of like the "o" in "soft." It is NOT an "ee-o" sound, like "Neo" from the Matrix.

  • Dwi-e an-ja
  • Sa-rang hae
  • A-jik sul an chwi-hae-sseo?
  • A-ni? Geu-reom chin-gu i-sseo?
  • Neo ha-go-ship-eo
  • ??? (Don't know this expression in Korean, so I don't know the correct Romanization)
  • Neo-neun a-reum-da-weo
  • Bul-go-gee man-deul su i-sseo?
  • Ot beo-seo (or O-seul beo-seo)
  • No-rae-bang kal-ae?
  • Nan ben-jeu i-sseo
  • Nol-ja
  • Su-gap i-sseo?
  • Wae na-rul chyeo-sseo? (changed the verb to "hit," because I'm not familiar with the verb used above)
  • Sul sa-jul-kka?
  • Pen-ti (panty) i-beo-sseo? (note that they use the word "panty" for men's underwear, too)
Anyway, so that this isn't just a correction to a previous writeup, here are my additions to the list:

  • Nae jip-e kal-e? "Shall we go back to my place?"
  • Nun-i i-ppeo. "You have beautiful eyes."
  • Seu-ta-il (style) chu-gin-da! "I dig your style." (Literally: "Your style is killing me!")
  • Ggeut-nae jun-da! "You're fucking hot!" (use at your own risk)
  • Bo-go ship-eo-sseo "I missed you."
  • Jeon noon-e ban-hae-sseo "I fell in love with you at first sight."
  • (Girl's/Boy's name) ja-ju saeng-gak hae "I think of you often."
  • Ja-ju man-na-ja "Let's meet often."
  • Jeon-hwa beon-ho ju-se-yo "Can I have your phone number?"
  • Ko-baek ha-go shi-peo "I want to make a confession..." (to be followed by "sa-rang hae" or "jeon noon-e ban-hae-seeo" or some such confession of love)
  • Eon-jae da-shi bol su i-sseo? "When can I see you again?"
Given my miserable success rate with Korean women, though, you might consider another source for your pickup lines. ;-)