She kissed me.

Here I was, wondering how I was going to find an opportunity to try to kiss Eun Jung for the first time, and she beat me to it. So much for everything I thought I knew about Korean girls. Here's how it happened:

Friday night, I called her up at 9:30, and asked her if she wanted to meet me. She did. We decided to go to our usual place, a bar called Elvis. She showed up a little after ten, with her older sister, as usual.

After one beer at Elvis, the girls announced that they were hungry. Some of my friends at Elvis had announced that they were about to go to the soju tent next door for some soju and something to eat, so we decided to go with them. There were five of us. Two foreigners who can't speak Korean, two Koreans who can't speak English, and me. Needless to say, I was doing lots of translating. During a lull in the conversation, though, Eun Jung's sister suddenly decides to put me on the spot. Just straight out asks me what my feelings are for her sister. I'm a little taken aback, but eventually tell them that, yes, I want to be more than friends with Eun Jung. I want to be her boyfriend. That seems to satisfy the two of them, and conversation went back to something more normal.

Much later in the night, we're back at Elvis, drinking too much beer, and eventually we decide it's about time to leave. This creep David comes over and starts hitting on the two girls. I'm not too happy about this, since one is the girl I'm interested in and the other is engaged to be married. Due to the language barrier, they don't realize that that's what he's doing. I warn them about him, which I can do right in front of him, since he doesn't speak Korean. He invites us all to go back to the soju tent for a little more soju before calling it a night. The girls ask me if we should refuse. Some other, decent, people are going too, though, so I say that we can accept.

Anyway, the soju hit me really hard after all the beer I'd been drinking, and I was quickly completely wasted. I guess being in the soju tent again made me remember her sister's sudden question, because I started trying to apologize for possibly seeming awkward and taken aback earlier, and tried to explain that, back in Canada, people's sisters don't normally put you on the spot like that. I must have been babbling, because she decided to shut me up by kissing me.

So I guess we're official, now. It didn't happen quite like I expected it to, and I guess I wish it hadn't been catalyzed by me being a drunken fool, but overall, I'm very happy. :)