Catch the Sperm is a freeware game created by order of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health. Part of a campaign to stop the spread of AIDS and educate the public, the game is a simple horizontal-scrolling shooter. The player is armed with a "condom gun," which he or she must use during travel through the vagina to catch sperm and sexually transmitted diseases as they pass by. Firing the condom gun subtracts 50 points from the player's score, to be regained when catching something. Sperm, which, if missed, can pass by without ending the game, are 100 points and viruses, which if allowed to pass without being caught end the game, can be broken down into the following values:

In addition to these, there are also small bluish bubbles that occasionally appear which, if caught, are worth 80 points. These can be skipped without penalty. These are not to be confused with the whitish bubbles that appear as well, which are merely part of the surrounding environment and cannot be caught. The game contains only one level, though as of this writing a sequel has been released, featuring multiple levels and a few other new features.

The game gives players the option to upload their high scores to the Internet (specifically, they appear on Each week the players with the top three scores are awarded with a Catch the Sperm mousepad, so everyone who sees your mousepad can know you're really good at catching sperm and STDs.

The game's graphics and sound are really funny. The music once gameplay has begun is a lot like a porn groove (though probably better, actually). Viruses scream when caught. Any sperm that get by the player without being caught by the condom gun shout a little "yippie" when they go off the screen. The sperm and viruses all have (at least) one eye and look, well, silly (they're very cartoonish). When gameplay begins, orgasmic sounds signal the start.

The game was released to the public on 17 April, 2001 and remained in the top ten list of downloads on FilePlanet for a few weeks, if I remember correctly. Catch the Sperm was developed by a company called Phenomedia AG (their website can be found at The game can run either windowed or in full screen mode at 800x600 pixels. The sperm were sketched by Roger Horvath. The digital graphics and animation were created by Ingo Mesche. The game was programmed by Andreas Seebeck, thought up by Roger Müller, tested by Clovis Cueni and Corin Köhli, and produced by Claude Cueni and Alain Tanner.

My high score, at the moment, is 15500 points. =)