Gaaaaagh! I also live in Hebden Bridge, and I can guarantee you that despite what everyone who I've brought back there thinks, it's not cute. No way, no how. Not cute. Now please stop sending us hippys. We're on the train line between Manchester in Lancashire and Leeds (also in West Yorkshire) so it's a big commuter town with a lot of folk who want to live in the countryside but work in a city. Oddly, it also seems to attract a lot of annyoing weirdos with incense sticks who think being able to juggle makes them special (and take every opportunity to demonstrate). We do have a nice old cinema though, and a very wide variety of pubs and bars for such a small town.

If you're ever in the town then I can highly recommend a bar on New Road (the A 646) called Square 1 (quite modern and nice), The Greenwood on Crown Street (an odd, but effective combination of traditional and modern decoration, and it gets loud on Friday nights), and The Albert on Albert Street - the last of these stays open late on Fridays (but don't tell anyone). Or if you're looking for a pub that's even older than the U.S.A. (and looks it) then try The White Lion on the corner of Bridge Gate and Keighley Road (est. in the 17th century IIRC).

There's some good hiking and mountain biking to be had in the surrounding countryside, and there's a whole bunch of tourist shops with interesting stuff in them. Oh, and I'm told that it's the lesbian capital of the North of England. Really, I'm not making this up - a university lecturer has even got a grant to find out why!

All in all I like the town. Except for the annoying hippys. Though quite how anyone could find an old industrial mill-town cute is beyond me.