Dramatic Necessity (and yes, it deserves the capitals) affects us all. But the extent to which it affects us depends as much upon the person being affected as the Dramatic Necessity themselves...

Let me use an example. There is a scream, of fright and terror, cutting through the air. What do you do? Do you ignore it, and hope it goes away? Or do you let the laws take over, and go with the flow Dramatic Neccessity? Unfortunately, far too many people take the first route.

I know this through firsthand experience. A couple of years ago, Lagrange, myself and another friend of ours were in Hull city centre when just such a scream occurred. A girl, frightened out of her mind by someone that claimed to be her boyfriend. Easily 200 people hear the scream. The most they did was look round. The three of us were the only ones to act. It was the dramatic thing to do, and we would do no less, not then not now.

It's because of my openness to Dramatic Necessity that I can say that I can agree with Lagrange's motto, and say for myself: "Though I may not have lived a virtuous life, at least I can say "I've lived".