I've had a major turnaround where daylogs are concerned. I used to enjoy them, used to want to get up in the moring and write about what happened the night before; my desire has waned.

While a person's day-to-day life is part of everything, in my opinion, that doesn't detract from the actual repetitiveness of that very same day-to-day life. So, I've decided, ultimately to change my view of the daylog. In keeping with whatever daylog theories I will hold for myself to be not only true, but gospel, I will leave it to the reader to assume the following things:

I got out of bed, after rocky sleep and strange dreams.

I played with my daughter.

I smoked too much.

I played some PC games.

I did some housework.

I laughed at some lame jokes.

I had a shower.

I wore clothes.

I went outside my house to do something.

I may (or may not) have imbibed in alcohol or drugs.

Now, with those considerations taken to be mandatory to any daylog I write in the future, I will still write daylogs. The purpose being, to record for posterity, such as it is, the strange goings-on, the unique goings-on. I will not write about how my hair just wouldn't work today! or how I, hee hee hee, accidentally put my pants on backwards while half-asleep. The truth is, between trying to think up and write good factual nodes, or researching a node, or submitting Node Title Edits and Nodeshell Deletion Requests, I find I have little time to actually think up and write a work-of-art daylog, so I won't. And besides which, living time is nice, too.

So, I'll do this for the time being. I'll list off the things I've done involving E2, and then, tomorrow, I'll take the liberty of recording for posterity the interesting things that have happened to me, that aren't the mundane.

I joined edev, mostly as a fool who's still trying to get into the swing of things, reading up all things edev, which has been difficult, because the real life over here's been quite busy. I also joined the Content Rescue Team, mostly as a person who submits ideas to the crew. Truthfully, I've got so much stuff regarding other nodes I want to write (which is taking much research, writing, etcetera) that I don't have time to do a good rescue. I wish I did. Then, I agreed to mentor a new noder, whose name I will withhold until the name's officially beside mine on E2 Mentoring Sign-Up.