Woke up later than I wanted to today. At about 0500 hrs. or so. Mr. X was not pleased at all. I had to get on the plane to Bolivia at precisely 0530 hrs. I've only ever been late once. Being a mercenary does not mean that lateness can be condoned.

I knew from the mission briefing that I'd be in the jungles for a week or more, so I brought enough ammo and provisions to last me for whatever time I'd be spending in the bush. Gotta think smart in my line of work. Yep, that's right. I've got plenty of ammo, but no true friends, not ones I'd trust with my life. It's very cut-throat way out here, but I live through it. I always make it through and come home. I'm proud of myself for that.

Today's target was a cocaine kingpin. I got him. It didn't take me long to breach his outer defenses, so I had reinforcements come in, after I did the deed, as it were, and pretty much waited for evac.

A normal day over here.