MIR is now gone, on March 23, 2001 it re-entered the Earth's atmosphere above Fiji with the majority of the debris landing in the planned landing zone between New Zealand and South America.

The station was deliberately deorbited because Russia can no longer afford to operate it. For the last portion of it's life it depended on the Space Shuttle to help deliver supplies and modules. With the Shuttle being used mainly to build the International Space Station, Russia could not afford to build enough Progress and Soyuz space craft to support MIR as well as the ISS.

Even had they been able to do so, the station was requiring ever more maintenance to keep operational, and eventually would have had to be decommisioned anyhow. (The base block, with most of the life support, guidance and control equipment was orbited in 1986, and only had a planned five year life.)

Do svidanya Mir.