Russian Cosmonaut Sergei Avdeyev is the most experienced space traveller of all time, totalling almost 748 days in space, spread out over three missions on the Mir space station.

His body orbited the earth 11968 times and he has travelled a total of 321,000,000 miles through space. He graduated from the Moscow Physics and Engineering Institute in 1979 and he rates nuclear physics as one of his hobbies!

He now resides in northern Moscow with his wife Maria and his two children.

Birth Date: 01 January 1956.
Birth City: Chapaevsk.
Birth State: Samara.
Birth Country: Russia.
Nationality: Russian.
Affiliation: Civilian Engineer, Energia NPO.
Group: 1987 Civilian Engineer Group.
Detachment: NPOE-8.
Date Selected: 26 March 1987.
Number of Flights: 3.
Total Time: 747.59 days.
Number of EVAs(Extra Vehicular Activity): 10.
Total EVA Time: 41.98 hours.

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