Went for a walk with Stickan today. He was as always inspirational, makes me feel like I have something to contribute to the world. We walked through the frozen park over the hill, past the seal enclosure. We stopped to take some pictures of the frozen waterfall above the enclosure and the new stairway of ponds leading down that hill. I thought about how the series of falls would aerate and cleanse the water.

Walking was very crunchy with all the gravel, and damn slippery where there was no gravel. I could have landed on my head a couple times if not for luck.

We stopped for café au lait in the park restaurant, admiring the women and chatting. The coffee was weak but drinkable. I felt we touched on interesting ground around the fear of anger, and the way relationships very much depend on a belief in a future.

Walking back, we got into talking about writing, I told him about E2 and he told me about his book projects. He said he would send me something to read, looking forward to that.

Life is good.