(1984, also called Galaga 3 in the U.S.) The third in the line of classic arcade shooters started by Galaxian. The player again controls a ship that fires bolts at endless (at least until level 255) swarms of insect-ships.

The cool feature of this game was the ability to capture mechanics from the swarm motherships and use them to your own advantage. One uses a beam weapon to pick you up just like in Galaga. However, if you shoot him in flight, he drops the beam, you pick it up, and then use it to capture enemy insects. Then they line up beside you and you can blast away with four or five or even SIX ships! This kicks much ass.

The bonus stages were about spelling bonus words by bouncing insects around with your bolts. Exciting and frenetic. Some stages scrolled backwards (with appropriate scary music) and had you defend yourself against waves of insects popping out of nowhere. These stages will kick your ass early and often until you memorize the start positions of the insects.

Overall, an overlooked masterpiece. Fire this one up in MAME.