Man, do I love war. I love how it effects everyone's life in it's different ways. If you're a fan of Pardon The Interruption, a sports talk show on ESPN, the you are well aware of Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon's position that sports must be played so American life can continue as it normally does. I agree with this, but this is not the point of this little rant. About a week ago, during an NHL game in Montreal, fans booed the American National Anthem. While I can recognize this as a free-speech thing, it is rather uncouth. Hell, I disagree with what's going on out in the desert, but you have to display your point in a quasi-intelligent manner. Booing another nation's national anthem just ain't cool. Plus, I can only imagine the flak the Candiens received during their first game on US soil.

However, we, Americans I mean, cannot be completely upset at the actions of those Canadian hockey fans. In a recent golf tournament, PGA tour member Thomas Levet was taunted for being the only frenchmen at the tournament. Those with some semblance of current events could imagine what they were taunting about. While I am not an expert on France's current government, I believe it is safe to say that Levet had nothing to do with France's position towards the military excursion in the Middle East. I know us Americans are not the smartest people in the world, but this is just absurd. Sports are entertainment, they hold absolutely no standing in real world events, unless you count certain Olympic boycotts and whatnot, but that is a different situation than a golf tournament and a NHL game.. Let them play. If you heckle, heckle because they threw up an airball, or they're an asshole and beat their wife. There is no need to hold an athlete responsible for the actions of his/her government, unless Jacques Chirac is putting, or George W. Bush is at the free-throw line.

For those who want to know how it turned out, the last enagement log was on March 14, 2003.