The sophomore effort from metal/nu-metal act Disturbed, released on September 17, 2002. Believe is 11 tracks of crunchy riffing with mostly light vocals on top, capped off by a dark acoustic ballad. Sorry kids, no death metal screams or blast beats here. What we find instead is an easy flowing album. The disc was recorded at Groovemaster Studios in Chicago, Il with producer Johnny K, the same man who produced their previous album, The Sickness. As I listen to the album, I find it hard to figure out if their previous disc was better. It was definitely heavier, with more groove and punch, but Believe stands as a good disc. Think of it as Staind with a big pair. In an interesting note, All the track titles are one word long.

MTV is stupidly boycotting the video to Prayer, the lead off single from the album. They're not showing it because it depicts a modern city crumbling as disasters hit it. The idea for the video came not from Assholes trying to prove a point in the complete wrong way but instead the Book of Job from the Bible. MTV decided to play parent for all those parents who can't do it themselves and will not show the video because of the destruction in it. However we can turn on CNN and see all the real carnage we can eat cheeseburgers to, while we have raging hardons. God Bless America, and God Bless MuchMusic!

1: Prayer
2: Liberate
3: Awaken
4: Believe
5: Remember
6: Intoxication
7: Rise
8: Mistress
9: Breathe
10: Bound
11: Devour
12: Darkness

Maybe a bit too ranty for the MTV part, but this is a good album. Prayer is a cool song with a cool video. That and Censorship is stupid.