The Act of Creation
As theorized by Scott McCloud in Understanding Comics

...The creation of any work in any medium will always follow a certain path.

A path consisting of six steps.

  1. Idea/Purpose
  2. Form
  3. Idiom
  4. Structure
  5. Craft
  6. Surface

First: The impulses, the ideas, the emotions, the philosphies, the purposes of the work...the work's "content."
Second: The form it will take...Will it be a book? A chalk drawing? A chair? A song? A sculpture? A pot holder? A comic book?
Third: The "school" of art, the vocabulary of styles or gestures or subject matter, the genre that the work belongs to... Maybe a genre of its own.
Fourth: Putting it all together...what to include, what to leave out... how to arrange, how to compose the work.
Fifth: Constructing the work, applying skills, practical knowledge, invention, problem solving, getting the "job" done.
Sixth: Production values, finishing, the aspects most apparent on first superficial exposure to the work.

In all the arts it's the surface that people appreciate most easily, like an apple chosen for its shiny skin...

But often if we bite into that shiny new apple--
...And now, the biggest question of all: Does this artist want to say something about life through his art or does he want to say something about art itself?


"Do I have anything to say at all?"