Originating from an Old Norse and then Latin word meaning “Halls of the Slain,” versions of the word “Valhalla” have been incorporated into many different names in America and beyond. For the most part, people do not know what the word originally meant, and the repercussions of this are very interesting. Different names and uses for the word pop up across the world. One of the most interesting references that I have seen was in the popular video game Max Payne, as the name of a secret project (the “Valhalla Project”) that, in the game, produced the designer drug Valkyr. Beyond this game there are many other applications of this word in even our current world. As just a taste, here are some other interesting examples:

A MUD Engine, called Valhalla Mud, is a multiplayer game that probably fits the name in the most appropriate way of the different examples listed here.
Located at http://www.valhalla.com

In a less appropriate use, Valhalla is the name of a small townhome complex just outside of Whistler Village in British Columbia, Canada. A winter resort, this small complex was built as a secluded tourist town within reach of ski lifts and snow.
Information located at: http://www.vancouver-bc.com/Valhalla/index.html

The Valhalla Warriors Floorball Club is a group that advocates for a new sport called floorball.
Read about the club here: http://u1.netgate.net/~mette/lars/floorball/index.html

Last but not least, a microbrewery in Pittsburgh, PA, has adopted the name as well. They even have an interesting version of a Greek/Roman myth on their web page, located here: http://valhallamicrobrewery.citysearch.com/

Valhalla, a beautiful word of the ancient language of Latin, is used even today in names of everything from MUDs to microbreweries.

Where will it pop up next?