The grass is greener on this side of the sidewalk. Green like absinthe. Yesterday it was the other side. Tomorrow maybe the tree will sprout. Trailing behind me is the wagon I had as a child, the back right wheel is a little loose. It makes a whee-whee sound every couple of turns.

Funny, I’m only four feet tall.

The ground now is softer to my bare feet, slowly changing, the cement breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces. Potholes in the road get deeper as the bumps from the roots of trees grow into great sand dunes. Sounds of cars driving by become softer and begin to resemble waves instead of engines.

I am flying through the salty breeze, playing with the waves all around me. I am invincible. Stress and furtive struggle no longer weigh my shoulders, the seas are calming. They are strong, holding me up in their arms, comforting and soft. Euphoria. I let go and lean back into the strong breeze. It supports me, letting me fall asleep on the air.

A burst of wind and up I go into the stars, never looking back. I pass everyone I’ve ever known, growing older along the way. My loves and losts, before me one more time, a moment in space. Past Mars, Saturn, my mother, father. On Neptune it rains diamonds, but I don’t stop there. I can’t pause the future, not yet...