Obscure punk band from Austin, TX named after a pornographic Japanese arcade video game. Gals Panic was started in 1992 by Jerm Pollet and Lance Fever, and in the early years had a drum machine they called "Dr. Rhythm," programmed by Mark Nineteen. Their early bassist, calling himself DJ Saturn, wrote some of the songs on their first (and only) full-length album, I Think We Need Helicopters, including "Space Race" and "Backpack." He quit after a year, along with Nineteen and his drum machine, and in 1993 the band found a live drummer, calling himself Steve Austin, and a live bassist, Cardinal Connor.
I Think We Need Helicopters was released in 1995, followed by two years of touring, and the band broke up in 1997. Jerm went on to form Missile Command, Lance and Connor went on to become the Playdoh Squad, and Steve joined a band called Skrew.