An omnipresent social class in environments known for high levels of immaturity, such as middle school and high school. To be part of this elite group, you must be "cool", popular, up-to-date with the latest fashions, and of course, cute (that word applies to both sexes). You must also conform to their social norm.

In my experience, members of this group are easily identified. Male members of this group tend to be jocks or the people extremely conscious of the current trend. Female members of this group are generally good-looking, gregarious and flirty. Also, to be a member of this social class, you must "hang out" with your "friends" and act "cool" a lot.

These people tend to be very shallow in judgement of other people. Most of them are popularity hounds and will stop at nothing to increase their levels of popularity. Social acceptance is of the utmost importance to these people. They also tend to be very easily affected by peer pressure. This social class is the group most responsible for the phenomenon middle school and high school social oppression.

As one passes high school and go on to college, this social class almost ceases to exist. Isn't that strange?