The Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3 is a huge exposition on the gaming industry that is held yearly. E3-2000 took place last week in the Los Angeles Convention Center, from May 11 to May 13. Developers, both hardware and software, and publishers gather for three whole days of gaming goodness. They show their latest wares in booths, usually highly decorated and life-size models and booth babes (scantily dressed women used to advertise the goods and grab the attention of the geeks all gathered there). Some say the booth babes are the best part of the show, I disagree. I get real booty :)

In any case, the latest high-tech developments in games is displayed. This year, it included Playstation 2, the X-box, the next-generation Nintendo system, and several PC games. Highlights of the show included the Blizzard booth (Warcraft 3, Diablo 2, those guys always get attention) and Bungie (working on Oni and Halo, two spectacular looking games). The laughing stock was probably John Romero, whose Daikatana beta was crap beyond imagination (I have it), and it seems Ion Storm will be doomed unless Anachronox and Deus Ex pulls through. Microsoft pulled a surprise by unveiling MechWarrior 4, which is looking good.