I highly doubt the availability of dog soup in American Chinese food takeaway restaurants. Westerners in general seem to dislike eating "Man's Best Friend", or cats for that matter. It is an unreasonable taboo. Just because you own a dog it doesn't make it wrong to eat one, just as if I owned a cow or a chicken I wouldn't hesitate to eat those animals either.

I have tried dog in Canton. It made a good stew. The meat is stringy at first, hence you must cook it longer to make it tender. Stews and soups work best. I don't think a roast would have tasted too good, due to the texture of the meat. When seasoned right, dog tastes nice. Like cat.

Speaking of pets, I have never tasted rabbit. Maybe I should go back to Southern China and try it out. I'm sure my little sisters will refuse to eat it, because they used to keep rabbits. They had no qualms eating cute little Fido, but refused to eat a pigeon. I don't know why. Oh wait, we didn't tell them it was dog. Whoops, my bad. I don't think we told them we were eating tripe either last weekend.

Isn't that interesting? I've had foreign friends who enthusiastically dug into a serving of pig's tongue, then upon being told afterwards of the dish's contents, proceed to throw up and vow to never eat at my place again. They never take my laughter well.