Trust me, we Asians are anything but friendly toward each other. To the white man we may look pretty much similar, but among us, especially in groups of young Asians (e.g. in college), many of us are very clique, and these ignorant people often band together, only hang out with each other, and often fight each other. Here are the usual feuds:

  • Korean vs. Japanese - Sometimes very bitter, especially with the nationalistic attitude that Koreans hold sometimes.

  • Chinese vs. everyone else or even each other - Hey, they are more of us right? This category includes:

  • Indian vs. Pakistani - I don't know too much about this one, but I've heard that it exists.

  • Singaporean vs. everyone else - For some reason, people from Singapore are convinced they are superior. I don't know why.

  • Chigger vs. Geeks - The usual nonsense. I hate chiggers with a vengeance. Chiggers are disgusting. Oh boy, there I go again......

    Of course, I'm not saying all the people involved here are active in these feuds. But these seem to be the usual ones that are going on in colleges today. Sometimes I wish all these battlelines would just disappear. I personally refuse to participate in these feuds. Except for the chigger one.

    Asian parents sometimes say that they refuse to let their children marry outside of their "group". My ex's parents said 'you must marry Taiwanese'. This only adds fuel to the fire. I hate it when they do that.