I'm not sure what happenned in this translation, but there's an extra word in it towards the end, that's all. The King James Bible that I'd guess was written when Shakespeare was about 46 years old, had a slightly different setup. That, or I can't count. A person recently pointed this out to me:

If you count 46 words from the beginning of this verse, you'll hit the word 'shake'
If you count 46 back, although it was 47 in this (which is why I honestly think there's an extra word in it), you come across the word 'spear'.

It'd be a comfort to know that one of the greatest writers to exist had had his chance to leave his name hidden in a holy text, and the thought is kinda creepy too. You know, what if everyone who translated verses felt the need to alter something to put their name in it upside down and backwards in all caps? Like, what if a guy with the initials GGG thought it'd be r33t to put his initials as 666, the mark of the devil? Nevermind, let's just be glad William Shakespeare didn't put subliminal ads for his plays in the ol' bible.

Or did he?