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To figure out why nearly all of my nodes were killed and to help people
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Cymor pronounced (but having nothing to do with) psi-more, sigh-more, t'zi-more
I made up the name, but it seems that it is also some kind of Eastern European sirname. If you know anything about the name, feel free to msg me.

I'm an eclectic eclectic. Interested in learning about nearly everything.
A Archetypical Hacker.
Stuff I like/do/have as a hobby:
C/C++, ASM, PHP, Perl, Quake I-III, Linux, Debian GNU/Linux, RedHat Linux, SciFi, Asimov, J.S. Bach, Organ Music, Band, Heavy Metal, Vocal Music, Opera, Gustav Holst, noding, slashdot, comics and a bunch of other stuff.

Places I hangout:
Illinois, Missouri, Kansas City, Taco Bell.

Someone must hate me or my nodes because nearly all of them have been killed.
I agree with several of the choices. I wrote some nodes which, I would have deleted myself. Several of the deleted nodes had good positive ratings, but were never given an explaination as to why they were deleted.
The only reason I can think for all of my good nodes being deleted, is that I am brief. I don't like wasting time with useless crap that is OT. Evidently usless and off topic writings in nodes are good, and succinct nodes are bad.

I feel like i've just been kicked in the stomach by someone I thought was a friend.

A useful new feature would be the ability to msg the anonymous editor that killed your node.