West Belfast Accents

My dad was from Ballymurphy, which is about as far west as you can get in Belfast without falling into the atlantic.

Breathing through the nose while you speak is a good means by which by imitate such an accent, provided of course that you are an avid practitioner of circular breathing.

If you can play a didge, you can do this.

I have never heard anyone speak as quickly or as abundantly as a west-Belfaster.

They are of swift speech and full of crack.

Crack, pronounced 'crek', refers to the overly profuse nature of their wit and wisdom, which they will confer without request, whether you want them to or not.

My fathers accent, being a little less extreme given that he has spent the last 18 years out of the country, still presents problems to the people he talks to, as for the rest of his family, those still in Belfast, I struggle to follow them. I just nod politely and laugh when everyone else does.

Hey, its a start.