The little lady and I had our first real fight on Friday. A vicious little lover’s tiff that ended with me storming off dramatically. My spectacular exit was carried out with all the grace and appeal of a bubonic monkey with tertiary syphilis having a coronary (I slipped and almost fell down the stairs).

She called me later so that I could apologize to her, which I did. I know, I have little or no backbone, but I can’t stay angry at her for very long. It was our first real disagreement, and it wasn’t really about anything. This thing we have going is pretty good, but I think the cracks are beginning to show.

I love her, but sometimes she feels that she has to go to extremes just to prove her point. It’s funny sometimes, but not when it is about me.

We did the kiss and make-up thing this morning. Whether or not this happens again rests in her hands and, by proxy, mine.

I don’t want to drop the ball, but I have the strange feeling that I’m about to.