Well I wouldn't call the old bearded man particularly scary but I must admit all those children are a bit worrying. I always thought the old man (who looked a bit like santa) was a nice friendly guy. However Birds-Eye decided to ditch him after a years of faithful service.

Everything changed however with a new action-man styled guy, Obviously an advertising guru at Birds-Eye thought they needed an image make-over. I don't know what Birds-Eye were thinking, but it certainly was a stupid idea, this is someone who is meant to be selling fish covered in bread crumbs not taking on evil villains intent (of all the things in the world) on stealing fish fingers. Anyway the advertising guru must have got the cold shoulder because only a few ads later and we are back with old bearded man (not the same old bearded man mind you, he is probably pushing up the daisies now). Good news all round anyway for fans of the old birds-eye ads (i.e: me).

Incidently I have recently heard, due to the world's depleting cod supplies that Birds-Eye fish fingers are now using a mixture of different fish in their fish fingers to compensate for the lack of cod.