my arse smells like listerine. yes, you heard me, my arse. why, you ask? because i am remarkably fastidious about my teeth and the little bottle of listerine and a toothbrush go everywhere with me. and yes, you guessed it, the bottle broke in my bag. fan-fucking-tastic.

so i decided i'd stop off at the bookstore and see how calli was doing, and she is well, which is good. i also got a not so subtle reminder that i'd missed amelinda's birthday. (yesterday, for you folks who care.) after a bit of bullshitting, i was on my way to buy groceries.

god damn me. i replenished all my staples, but i live alone, and i don't drive. thus, i walked some two and change miles with groceries, textbooks, and laptop. i managed to turn an ankle, sprain my back, and get a nasty neck cramp. finally, about four blocks from the house, i found a shopping cart in a church parking lot, which merrily and loudly bore my load until i overturned it in the alley, waking every dog in the neighbourhood. *sigh* can't go right all the time.

so, i finally got home, and made a big jar of pickled garlic. mmmmm..... (yes i'll node the damn recipe! back you vultures! back!!) made some goo for dinner, which could've been done better, and am now finally kicking back with a glass of amaretto and coconut milk. life is not that bad. i, unlike my topology prof, have not been mauled by dogs. i count myself among the lucky.

hacked out two more sonnets today, #s 21 and 22. feel free to read and /msg me with commentary on how i am so not shakespeare, and i shouldn't give up my day job.

i need to throw another mix. not a mindwired, this time, but a companion to lovetoaster and blasphemy in blue volume 1. something that'll properly compress all my thoughts on this one into one clean, easy-listenable, 80 minute volume. playlist to follow.