Rhapsody in Screwed :: Part X
06.10.01 :: 22:46

wow...glazy-hazy crazy weekend...it all started friday night-- or maybe i need to duck back to thursday for a bit...

"oh, man. i hate it when i'm right."

ok: thursday. i got out of werk and went home, discovering in the process that frater shinma was home at last. oops. i wasn't expecting him until friday. anyway, he walks over to my place, and i announce that there is a talk that needs to be had, but not now, as i am getting in the car so i can go to niall's brother's birthday party. frater shinma looks madly-badly upset, and i go out and eat good sushi. niall notices i look jumpy, and two cups of sake later, i'm still jumpy, but i can't bring myself to care. i go home and have a short talk with frater shinma, and everything is ok. *phew* so he and i and niall go out to euphoria...when did i become remarkable? at no point during the night were less than four men dancing in a circle around me. the weirdest part was that i usually knew them...i know that sounds backwards, but it's just the way we work. you don't dance with your pseudo-single friends, or they don't get dates. so, at some point, james, our storyteller, pulls me aside and says, "i need you to play a different NPC for me tomorrow. look professional and pregnant." i shrug, and agree. i'll play damn near anything james wants just for the snicker value. anyway, frater shinma and i go home together and have another somewhat longer talk in the morning. now it's really fixed. i'm sure of it. all is well...

"no strings, no ropes, no obligations / i don't owe you don't owe me"

friday is even odder. i go back to sleep for a while after talking with frater shinma, and small_adorable calls me to say that SOWN is playing at the usual place, usual time. great. maybe i'll get there, maybe i won't. i have time to eat things in a skillet with potatoes and onions, start building another machine, and ransack my closet. as i start getting dressed, cap'n mollie calls me to see what i'm up to. i sort of laugh, and we talk antipolitics and polyester as i get dressed for the game and find new and interesting uses for poly fiberfill and high-waisted nylons. so, james forgot to say i'd be playing the *other* npc as well, so after the new one has done her part, i wind up making a human PC that i figure i'lll run in the background, just for shits. agatha maltese: genetics lab corpse hunter. this goes well for a few minutes, until james's PC turns me into a goddamn *vampire*. i make a few snyde remarks OOC and wander off in search of the biologist were-scorpion i'd noticed earlier. definitely a great night for plot. anyway, i didn't make the show. no big deal. SOWN plays every couple of weeks. after snarling at james for a while in denny's after the game, i go home with niall. i now have two words for you that should never, ever, under any circumstances be used in the same sentence: lidocaine and blowjob. ("hey look! my tongue is numb!") it was a nasty accident, to be honest, but no less funny for it. which brings us to:

saturday: get up, go home, sleep. lots. call my mother re: going to a movie. get a call from small_adorable. do i want to do lunch? hrmm. depends on the menu. salad and avocado rolls. wow. i am so there. stopped by my mother's house on the way over, and she decided she didn't want to come to the movie. sad. oh well. on to lunch...i simply can't do justice to the lunch experience. great salad, better avocado rolls, amazing guy. mmmm...happy...after an outstanding surprise backrub, i went back home to pack stuff to go to the hot springs. well, to make an odd story short, niall and i decided not to go to the movie, just straight up to the springs, with a brief spellunking moment on the side. so, of course, i failed to bring anything warm to wear other than the velvet shirt i was wearing. stupid, yes, but even moreso, not pating attention; i had grabbed something that was distinctly not my cloak by accident while packing. but to get on with the narrative, we got *lost* for about an hour and a half in the mountains looking up the wrong road for the unofficial hot springs. so finally, we get there, and i know the hike up and i know i can do it in the dark with no traction. except that niall decides to be *difficult*...oh, he knows a more direct way up...yeah. sure. if i had my *boots* on, i'd have been fine. so after i fell into multiple raspberry bushes, and the occasional patch of wild roses (still pulling out thorns...) we were nearly there! i could see the spring...climbing up the last few rocks...!!slip!! *whack* *eeeurgh* face-first flat on the rocks. narrowly avoided a broken nose because there was a miraculous split in the rock right under my face. but i finally got up there, and damn it felt good. mmmm...volcanically warmed water...so about an hour(?) later, these two drunk guys and a girl come up, and i feel the intelligence level of the area drop sixty points or so, so niall and i wander back down -- my way, this time, and find a nice place to camp for the night. we slept 'til noon. mmm...feels good.

"hey, you know, you've got crazed weasels on your face."

so i spent the afternoon playing with (read: getting trounced by) niall's five year old niece, while he and his parents attacked the house with a carpet cleaner. i can now say i've been beaten with a six-foot long muslin catfish. i'll spare you the gruesome details, but suffice to say, i have a mark on my face from the experience. i am terrible with children. i'm such a pushover. so now, i'm off to bother niall at werk, and get taunted about the lidocaine incident some more...